Survivor Stories
Meet local survivors of cardiac arrest.
“I was taking a martial arts class at Basalt Middle ... read more
Hector Vazquez, Survivor
“I’m a bit of a fitness nut, healthy eater, and... read more
“Undead Ed”, Survivor
“I suffered a cardiac arrest while at Little Annie’s... read more
Tom Clapper, Survivor

Get An AED

There are currently over 180 AED’s in our valley. Since time is so critical to the effective treatment of sudden cardiac arrest, there can never be too many AED’s in our community. If you are interested in purchasing an AED for you business or home please contact us 
AED Authority is a company that can help you ensure your AED program meets legal requirements and is always ready to save a life.
Save a Life Pitkin County is always available to train your employees on how to effectively respond to a cardiac emergency. Contact us today to arrange a complimentary training session.